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The is a concept hatched out of my frustration that many "green companies" sell only one product to their customers, and most do so without even performing a basic home energy audit.

For example, you can buy solar panels from a solar panel installer, but they want to sell you the maximum amount of that one product. 

Using a family lifestyle and home energy audit may reveal that you get more benefits from a smaller amount of solar, combined with insulation, a solar hot water heater, and replacing a lower efficiency heater - all of these additional upgrades for less than buying "too many solar panels". 

Targeting waste, along with making decisions based upon your lifestyle, can reduce the years to pay off the investment, and help the environment.

The concept:

  • Save money and improve your green footprint

  • Use a home energy audit to highlight the worst energy deficiencies - reduce waste first!

  • Make equipment investment decisions based upon specific family needs, not what a contractor wants to sell you...

  • Understand your local energy environment (i.e. what fuels are easily available)

  • Be realistic about how "hands on" you are willing to be before choosing systems (i.e. will you carry 40lb bags of corn or wood?)

  • The systems we recommend, we install and live with before we recommend what to buy

  • Installation and usage reports include the good and the bad for each system we evaluate

side view of biomass furnace              40lb bags of wood pellets                               Wood pellets with graphite powder
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