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Additional Information - About the Biomass Heater

Top Left Photo-
  • Graphite powder is added to the wood pellets or corn every other bag - this keeps the auger from jamming
  • One match or other gel type fire starter helps start the furnace - no auto start feature
Top Center Photo-
  • I had the HVAC company install two filters  - one for the high efficiency heat pump/AC and one for the biomass furnace
  • Both use thicker than 1" normal air filters (16" x 25" x 4") - this helps capture more air borne dirt - Merv 11-13

Top Right Photo-
  • Use the high temperature metal vent ducting with draft control - Furnace has a flow monitor to ensure good venting
  • Make sure your chimney can handle the venting of hot waste gases and dust from the combustion chamber
  • Clean out your system (hire a chimney sweep) one a year
Bottom Left Photo-
  • Ash can - 4 to 5 gallons is enough for an entire season
  • Copper tube is the auger from the bottom of the pellet hopper to furnace feed auger (black tube and gray box)
Bottom Center Photo-
  • Large front black door is access to the combustion area and burn pot
  • Wood handled metal rod sticking out of the furnace (usually pushed in) cleans the ash off the heat exchangers
  • bottom black rectangular part on front of furnace is the ash tray - remove and empty once a week
  • blower fan on left of furnace is the combustion fan - you adjust this to get a good, balanced burn in the burn pot

Bottom Right Photo-
  • Large (open - top is slide back) pellet hopper with a dash of graphite powder to prevent auger jams

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