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Home Energy Audit -

Purpose:   First understand your current home efficiency -

Step #1 Gather Home Information (Our Home Before):
  • 1960's construction ~2500 square foot - center hall colonial style with brick exterior and some siding
  • 10 plus year old thermal windows with R-13 (at best) fiberglass inside the walls, and R-13 attic insulation
  • $350 Home Energy Audit revealed many poorly sealed return ducts, building leaks, and many other issues
  • Blower door test (common energy audit test) showed we had substantial air leakage (cold air leaks in winter, hot air leaks in the summer)
  • Blower door score of over 3600 CFM50 (air infiltration in cubic feet per minute @ 50 pascals pressure between outside and inside)
  • 8 SEER Air Conditioning system - forced air and heat - duct work
  • 10 year old Oil heater with basement oil storage tank
Step #2 Reduce Waste!  (cost ~$2000 total for waste reduction upgrades):
  • Blown in attic insulation (R-30)
  • Fire retardant foam joist and hole sealing
  • Delivery and return duct sealing, and outside caulking
  • The blower door test (retested after remedies) after the remedies showed we had a CFM50 of less than 2500.
  • Rough rules (bigger houses have more chance to leak, older houses weren't built to be tight)
    • under 1200 CFM50 - very tight house- minor leaks
    • 1200-2500 - moderately tight - a good standard depending on age, size and construction
    • over 3000 is leaky
  • Other benefits
    • heat and A/C feels more uniform around the house
    • During the heat of the day - Inside house temp doesn't rise as much as before
    • Winter - very few drafts, and reduced cost to heat the home
  • Negatives -
    • home feels more "sealed" and air tends to get a little more "Stale", requiring us to open windows to freshen up the home
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